Next-generation, data centric healthcare ICT solutions.

There are three central tenets of our service to you that demonstrate how much more we offer our customers in addition to cost-effective, state-of-the-art healthcare ICT.


We will be your committed ICT solutions partner, allowing you to focus on provision of care while we look after your ongoing operational and strategic growth, from a number of perspectives:


A fully interoperable platform

So your ability to share information across all systems and settings is future-proofed

Secure open standards

Helping you avoid proprietary lock-in while also reducing future running costs

Flexible technology adoption

Always supporting your needs with the most appropriate choices of new technology for your business

Fully supported ICT infrastructure

Managing your core infrastructure so you can engage with digital innovation at your own pace

Tailored commercial model

Optimising your technology budget to better support your business requirements


Our approach is all about unshackling you from challenging budget constraints, by offering flexible commercial terms and a joint investment approach. This is a real and viable alternative that may include any or all of the following:


Flexible implementation approach

Reducing costs and disruption by maximising the connectivity and interoperability of your existing systems

Value-add through open access ecosystem

Enhancing your system capabilities with open APIs provided free-of-charge to internal and third-party developers

Seamless and efficient back-office functions

Providing a deeper understanding of how to optimise revenues and reduce costs

Cost-effective ICT infrastructure

Focusing on outcomes and delivery while reducing costs by freeing up resources from your existing spend

Strategically aligned partnership

Accelerating the delivery of your digital roadmap with our extensive scale and expertise


With us, you get service certainty and stability – you can trust us to get the most out of your budgets and to extend your service possibilities. This is possible because of an all-encompassing partnership approach that goes far beyond technology:


Strategic alignment

We will make a long-term financial and strategic commitment to your organisation, based on risk-and-reward transparency and active co-investment

Security-led data custodian

A central aspect of our role will be to maximise the value of fully integrated patient and systems data without ever compromising the security of your data

Committed to outcomes

You will receive a consistent, controlled, end-to-end service focused on outcomes

Best of both operating worlds

You get the service agility and innovation of a close-knit expert team, with the reassurance that everything we do is supported by the scale and capability of a global IT services organisation

Get in touch if you would like to know more about how Nth Dimension can help your organisation.